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Luis Sier

Luis Sier
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Some of our advertisments, published
in different magazines of the world

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the prizes and promotions that are shown here, are no longer valid

aviso 19


aviso 16

It's Time Revenge "La Cagona"

aviso 14

 Always..! Best Big Game Option



aviso 2

Argentinian fishing experience

aviso 4

Argentina Wingshooting Report

"Sier's Syndrome"


aviso 18

Complaint! "Too Much"


aviso 17

Argentina Red Stag


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aviso 15

Always..! "Argentina Ducks & Doves"


aviso 19

aviso 3

Argentina Wingshooting Report

aviso 19


aviso 19


Always More Wingshooting

aviso 19

A Wingshooting Fantasy

aviso 6

Argentina Wingshooting Report 

aviso 7

Always ...

aviso 5

Argentinian Experience

aviso 10

Argentina Wingshooting Report  "Dove & Pigeon"

aviso 11

The Big Six!

aviso 12

Argentina Wingshooting Report  "100% SUCCES"

aviso 13

Waterfowl "Geese & Ducks"

aviso 19

aviso 1 

Wingshooting Report "The Best Option"

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