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Luis Sier

Luis Sier
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 All hunters around the world know Argentina as the maximum expression for wingshooters, that’s why we have given to more than 27,312 customers in near 35 years the chance to enjoy a wonderful experience, lodging in Estancias and great Lodges always as close as possible to the very best flyways in areas with truly millions of doves.
With the increasing sorghum, corn, wheat and sunflower fields, there’s an estimation that calculates 350 millions of doves in all of our territory!!!

Some other estimations are even higher. Cordoba, San Luis, Santiago del Estero and Patagonia are the higher volume areas where most of the Argentina dove population nests. We also have remote dove operations in Salta and Formosa where the dove gatherings are outrageous at some times of the year.

We have and will always be where the birds are, and will always organize unforgettable hunts. Don’t hesitate a minute about coming down to our beautiful country and your dreams will come true. Come and enjoy the famous Argentina Beef, great hospitality, epicurean barbecues, and our world-famous Malbec wines.
We are at your disposal to hunt together with you, side by side in the blind.


Luis Sier
President - siersafaris
Cordoba "La Paloma" Riverside is magical as we have in our roost more than 25 million doves!!!
After almost 35 years guiding hunters we have learned that we need to be as close as possible to the birds in order to have an excellent and easier operation, specially for those looking for high success rates in a 3 or 4 days stay. That's why our Cordoba  "La Paloma" Riverside operation is so magical, as there are in our roost more than 25 million doves!!! We hunt in an area of 10,000 acres of our own land and also leased fields and we usually drive no more than 10/15 minutes to the fields, or as we say... open the window and shoot!

Because your time is precious, you will greatly appreciate our Cordoba operation, going back to the lodge after the morning hunt, enjoying a great beef along with Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon wines and then taking a relaxing nap.  We will then be back to a different blind and enjoy the birds in other fields. It is very normal to go through 1,000/1,500 rounds, be part of the exclusive and terrific club of champs that have hunted 1,000 doves or more in just one day.
You can be one of them!!!


We preserve our pigeons areas from over-shooting, that’s why we guarantee 300 rounds per hunting session and thus protect the area and secure great hunts for many years to come.

Our offer goes to virgin areas that have "NO GUN PRESSURE" , and less stress in the flocks.
This is what allow us to hunt over decoys, between 300/500 daily shots minimum.
It depends of the chosen area.

Patagonia, San Luis, Formosa.

Is your time, to delight an unforgettable hunt, also you can mix with:
Pigeon, Dove and Partridge, Duck and Pigeon, Pigeon, Dove and Big Game.

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August 2008. Jeff Demmon's group from Georgia. 19 hunters. Three and a half days of hunt. 95,000 rounds. 65,000 doves... Ask for references to Comp 'n Choke.Charles said: Luis, you have now twice as much doves than 2 years ago. Terrific!!!
Walter Boasso, from Louisiana organized this fantastic fathers and sons group. In 2 days of dove hunting they shot 4,000 rounds each.
Tango show is part of our programs for a fun night in a very friendly moment with the elegance and sensuality of the tango dancing.
The most important: to share a great meal with your best friends and buddies.
We have, mostly of days, delicious “asados” (barbacue) and “bife de chorizo”  with a good Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon argentine wines. Wow !!!!

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